Our history

Linda, was born and lived in Liverpool her whole life up until 15 years ago.
When she arrived in Bulgaria .
Once here she met and married a local Dobrich Bulgarian man
After a few years Linda so moved by the plight of the dogs wanted to do something more than just feeding them
seeing the extreme cruelty, and amount of dogs starving on the streets Linda started fund raising

Linda decided on the name DDR ( DOBRICH DOG RESCUE) so that we could promote our work to a wider audience.

Over the years Linda has neutered/ spayed in the region of 400+ animals,
We have found permanent homes for our rescues through using Social media and made a wider public aware of the dogs of Bulgaria's plight
While we can clearly see the difference in the amount of dogs not on the streets there are still lots in the villages or in yards tucked away out of sight.
We managed to purchase an old van using our own money as the costs of transporting the dogs was crippling and took so much money as for them it was a financial enterprise .
We also feel that it is Important for us to transport our own animals so that we see the process from the initial rescue to rehoming
We are completely invested both financially and emotionally in every part of these rescues from beginning to end.
(We are a non profit organisation)

We work with a great vet now and all our animals are first blood tested, and have complete health checks to inform us of any health issues that we would be facing , this enables us to act in the dogs best interest at all times.
We then treat any detected illness , treat for parasites , de-flea and worm, neuter and spay, the dogs are given plenty of time to heal and adapt to the new things happening in their lives, we have a socialisation and training process to enable us to rehome in correct environments that meet each individual dogs needs.

Some dogs sadly don't survive the abuse they have endured but we give them comfort and love in their final days or hours.
If you look on DDR Dobrich Dog Rescue and DDR adoption page
You will see pics of some of the dogs we have helped.

Not all dogs are able to be re-homed, sometimes they have suffered to much during their lives, Linda and the team feed these dogs , out of the funds, because if they have a regular source of food they are not tempted to take the locals chickens.

The charity has gone from strength to strength, managing to re home over 100 dogs a year.

During 2020 Linda invested some of her own money into building a kennel block to house the dogs as they recover and prepare for the transport to their new forever homes.

As of now, (early 2021) we have just manged to complete our first run to the UK after the new Brexit regulations have been imposed (no mean feat!) and will spend the rest of the year campaigning to raise funds to extend the kennels, to provide even better facilities for the lucky dogs that DDR manage to save

What our clients have to say

View our happy clients, fully satisfied with our service.
You are amazing! No words! Great job good people!
Milena Aivazova

Milena Aivazova

Inspirational ladies saving lives daily! Amazing!
Julia Trigg

Julia Trigg

Wonderful place, will never forget visiting there, God bless you all xxxxxxxx
Patricia Duffy Brindley

Patricia Duffy Brindley

What would those poor dogs do without these people. Great work
Caroline Anne Bernadette Fisher

Caroline Anne Bernadette Fisher